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Growing up, Doreen Raimondi always knew that she wanted to help other people, and she simply needed to figure out how she was going to do that. She was an exceptional student in the classroom and was heavily involved in extracurricular activities. Eventually, she realized that she was interested in emerging technology in the business world, which led her to the State University of New York College at Brockport. They are, she graduated with her Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA), studying finance, economics, and international business. During her time at Brockport, she was also a member of numerous clubs and student groups, including the debate team, the Future Women Executives organization, and focused on healthcare information technology. After finishing up at Brockport, she also went on to Harvard, where she was a member of the IBM executive program.

She started her working career as a public sector sales manager in the northeastern region. Based in Norwalk, CT, she designed and executed a strong strategy for growing sales of technology services and solutions throughout New York, New Jersey, and New England. She works hard to educate clients throughout the healthcare sector, clearly explaining the benefits of the products and services that she provided. She also ensured that all of her clients were able to get the most out of the products and services that she sold.

From there, she expanded her territory on a global scale. She closed a number of critical deals with numerous transformation projects, working with C-suite decision-makers to ensure positive continuity of care for her clients. She worked with a wide variety of government healthcare agencies, insurance companies, and medical providers. There, she demonstrated her ability to communicate effectively with clients of all backgrounds, ensuring that she was able to customize her products and solutions to meet the needs of each client. The result was a much-improved healthcare delivery product for clients and their patients.

Eventually, Doreen Raimondi became the global managing director of Cerner Health Care Global Alliance. She led a team of sales representatives and provided innovative healthcare products for hospitals, insurance companies, and government organizations, growing direct sales while implementing a client success program to boost average sales significantly. Under her leadership, the year-over-year sales growth numbers expanded exponentially, demonstrating her ability to address a wide variety of problems and provide strategic, innovative solutions for clients of all sizes.

Quickly, Doreen Raimondi was positioning herself as a leader in the field. After 20 years at IBM, she took her talents to Verizon Business, working as a healthcare partner and consultant. She designed a new healthcare vertical for Verizon, based on the existing portfolio of services provided by the telecommunications giant. She was able to customize her solutions to meet the needs of the healthcare industry, working on streamlining the provider and payer relationship. Some of her products and solutions address medical identity issues, medical fraud, health information exchange, and mobile help. With the rapidly growing field of healthcare analytics, she was able to design new products that expanded Verizon’s footprint in the healthcare industry significantly.

After working with Verizon for several years, she returned to Norwalk, Connecticut as a managing director at Xerox. There, Doreen Raimondi would drive strategic growth both in the United States and overseas for Xerox. She developed a wide variety of strategies to maximize service offerings and target businesses across all environments, including the healthcare sector. She worked on workflow automation and application transformation to increase productivity and reduce waste to slash overhead expenses and boost profit margins.

Doreen Raimondi would spend six years at Xerox before moving to Avaya, taking a job as the managing director of Global System Integrators. She took charge of the GTM, scaling growth both domestically and overseas. Managing one of the largest IT system integrators in the company, she handles 360-degree relationships among the company’s largest partnerships, strategically positioning Avaya for the future.

Throughout more than 20 years in the field, Doreen Raimondi has demonstrated that she has a tremendous entrepreneurial spirit, working hard to consistently be the first person to adapt to a changing landscape. She has worked with countless programs and applications across the healthcare spectrum, managing complicated relationships to streamline growth and better meet the needs of her clients both domestically and internationally. In addition, she has an innate talent for managing large teams, including strategic operations, sales, marketing, and business partnerships. By consistently putting the needs of clients first and by staying on top of the latest developments in the field, Doreen Raimondi has demonstrated that her versatility has made her a proven business leader in a rapidly changing business landscape.

Even though she has been consistently focused on her career, she works hard to consistently give back to others. That is why she has become a member of the Board of Advisors at Nifty Bar Grinding and Cutting Solutions, where she is able to use her science and technology knowledge to give back to the local community. She has also become a member of the Healthcare Businesswomen’s Association, where she seeks to set an example and serve as a mentor to other women who want to make a career in the business side of medicine. Outside of work and volunteering, Doreen Raimondi seeks to spend time with those closest to her, including her friends and family members.


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